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Circle Lord Basic + Kit

Circlelord Basic Plus $399.00
Large Circles
Platform for all templates

Giant templates
Back Stylus Set
Crossbar - Varies with model
Slide Arm
Center Clamp
Base Plate
12" Circle Sqircle - concentric circles separated by 1/16th inch
Stepping Disk
Set of 4 small Sqircles
Large Blade
Video CD

Front Stylus  for APQS Extra $129.00

Circle Lord Online Video - Be patient for download

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Circlelord Basic+ on HQ Avante
Circlelord is a system for using grooved templates to quilt intricate patterns a Long Arm machine.
The first method is using the Circlelord Basic Plus and design templates to do complex designs in blocks.
You can quickly and accurately move the template to the next block and do a complete quilt this way.

Aztec Design Template

One of 500 comination designs available with the Aztec Template

The second part is us using Giant template boards that lay along the back of the machine like pantographs. A stylus attached to the side of the machine rests in the grooves. You guide the machine thru the grooves to stitch the pattern on the quilt. The Giant templates are made up of 3 to 3 sections that easily interlock using a jig saw puzzle connection.
The Giant Swirls Template section - Our most popular

Swirls Quilt by Sherry Rogers

Stylus Set on HQ Avante using Spirals Design template

Circlelord Avante 18 More info at


For more information on the HQ16 Circle Lord, Click PDF of the Manual Download Please take a look at: Comments

e Circle Lord Basic+ kit is the Loricles' Design Tool for Longarm quilting machines for making Circles, Medallions, Baptist Fans and holding optional multi-pattern templates.
Available for
A1, APQS, Nolting, Gammill,, All HQ,

Circle Lord on Gammill Classic Plus
with 12 inch circle template mounted

The Circle Lord Crossbar clamps between the rails using the red handle clamp.
There are three models available for Gammill, the older 24 inch table, the new 22 inch table and for the Premier.
Custom models are available for older Gammill machines.

Nolting 24 Circle Lord
with Stepping Disk and small Sqircle mounted.
We have Circle Lords for all Nolting machines mounted on the Nolting metal table.
APQS Circle Lord
Circle Lords are available for all models of APQS including older machines on wooden tables. Click for more on LENNI.

Circle Lord on A1 machine
The A1 Circle Lord fits between the rails and the Stylus set mounts on the slotted arm in front of the Laser light holder.
What can you do with the Circle Lord Basic Plus?
Make Circles from 3/4" to 12 inches with 1/16 inch separation.

Make Circles up to 20 inches with 1/4 inch separation Concentric Circles by Cory

Quilted by Barb Cowan

Kim Peterson use the CL to make the overlapping concentric circle border.
Medallion Wreaths using Sqircles.

Quilted by Ann Collet
Medallions by Linda Mae

Linda Mae Diny's Baptist fan variation using the Circle Lord.
"I really think that Baptist Fan on the Boston Commons Quilt
turned out GREAT!! I started the quilting at the center of the
quilt and worked out to one end. Then, I remounted the quilt
and rolled to center, and quilted out the other direction. It was
a lot of work, but I really think it was worth it."
Linda Mae is bringing out a new book. The book title is
"Quilting in Circles". It discusses many designs that
are quilted using the circle templates as well as the Circle Lord.

There are many charts in the book which tell you what size
circles to use for multiple sizes of blocks and borders to accomplish
the various designs.
Medallion Visulizer developed by Gary Covington is available for free.
You can program your Medallion design using MS Excel
The Basic+ does all the patterns shown below
Click to enlarge
Call 866 510 6060
10 years of service to the longarm industry
Makes Circles and More

Why Circlelord?

Circlelord products are designed and manufactured by Loricles Quilting Tools. Made in North America. I can honestly say that Kay and I stand 100% behind every one of our products. I design, manufacture, pack, and ship every item that is ordered. I personally cut all the templates on a CNC router that is owned by Loricles. I talk on the phone to every customer, before shipping the first order. Customer service is almost 24-7. Kay and I do get lonely, because so few customers call for help. Kay takes care of finances, business details and me. Worldwide buyers have used our, no-interest payment plan for 10 years, making it easier to get the tools that make them money. Pay as you earn.

We have a 30-day money back warranty on all products.

The Circlelord is made for 25 different machine models. We make 55 Templates that include multiple designs. You buy one template and can make up to 500 designs from one template (Aztec). Printed instructions come will all products.

Our 23 giant templates, or long boards, require only a $49.00 stylus set and you’re ready to quilt. The ease and speed of quilting can earn you $30 to $50 an hour. The giant Templates are an investment. What other tool can give you back at least 50% of what you paid after 8 years? These templates do not wear out.

Our giant templates are packaged for you to make money. We sell them either as a Queen set (2 boards, 87” to 92” long) or a King set (3 boards, 105” to 132” long) and a Q+1/2 for inbetween. Some of the other brands price their templates individually, but you will need to purchase 5 or 6 templates to equal a King size Giant Template. We consider that you are a serious quilter who is hoping to earn an income. Time is money. You cannot spend your time leap-frogging templates if you want to get a Queen quilt done in 3 hours, or less. We have taken common designs and made them dynamic.
At first glance, because we don’t promote single short templates, our price appears higher. But in reality, Circlelord templates cost around 20 cents per square inch. This is about the same as the less expensive grooved board, and half of what some other brands cost. Our stylus sets are industrial grade. The stylus rests in either the up, or down position, which is very handy when you’re trying to hold threads with one hand and move the machine with the other. We also have a pushbutton control for the stylus that allows you to raise and lower the stylus from the front of the machine for crosshatching
We listen. Many of our designs have been suggested by our customers. Recent examples are the Milky Way, the Cosmos, and the Diamond Zig Zag giant templates. Several years ago, we investigated developing a product like the Gammill Design Center, but due to customer feedback, decided not to proceed.
Thank you for your support and we promise to continue serving you to the best of our ability. We’re just an email or a phone call away. We WANT to hear from you. Your business is appreciated, and we look forward to your innovative ideas and any feedback you might have.
Michael and Kay

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